Warranty Information

General Terms:

Subject to the limitations below, Albuquerque Foreign Auto Parts Inc, hereinafter also referred to as ” Company, Auto Recycler” expressly warrants to the original purchaser (the registered owner of the vehicle for which the part was purchased) for as long as he/she owns the vehicle against the failure of the part/product only, during the warranty period. Warranty Lengths depend on part type minimum warranty is 15 days from date of Invoice/Receipt.



If the purchaser complies with the terms of this warranty, Albuquerque Foreign Auto Parts Inc, will repair or replace a defective part. Albuquerque Foreign Auto Parts Inc, may, at its discretion, provide a refund equal to the price paid for the part in lieu of repair or replacement of the part.  The foregoing is the only, sole and exclusive remedy under the terms of this warranty.

In the event you have a part failure, please contact the repair shop first, they will initiate the warranty process.


Terms and Conditions:

The warranty period begins on the original date of purchase. (Products purchased for use outside the United States and or purchased for vehicles not intended for use in the United States are specifically excluded from this warranty. Products clearly stated on front of the INVOICE as “AS IS “,”CORE”,”RE-BUILDABLE”NON WARRANTY ITEM “are specifically excluded from this warranty.)

In the Unlikely event that the part fails, notify the repair shop that completed the work as soon as possible. Calling the auto recycler may not reserve your rights under this warranty. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR OR REMOVE PART or ASSEMBLY from vehicle or disassemble it without first receiving authorization from the auto recycler. Doing so will VOID the warranty. Approval for Repairs and or replacements must be given by the auto recycler the part was purchased from. The auto recycler reserves the right to inspect any product in the vehicle prior to repair or replacement. The auto recycler reserves the right to review any estimate installation documents, and maintenance documents. The auto recycler reserves the right to review any work done under this warranty or warranty claim including proof such work was successfully completed. Normal wear and service items are not covered in this warranty. All Claims require maintenance and installation receipts.

The auto recycler limited 3 month mechanical parts warranty does not provide payment(s) or reimbursement(s) for incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages including but not limited to: Loss of time, income, sales or profits, towing, lift, dock or storage fees, motel, lodging and or travel, phone call or communication expenses, tune ups and regular preventive maintenance, injury, or death, damage or destruction of property, the cost of related parts, rental vehicles or diagnostic fees.  This warranty only applies to the originally purchased product and does not apply to products that may be provided as a replacement for the originally purchased product. Such replacement products shall be covered under the provisions of their own product warranty. Products repaired under this warranty shall carry the remaining term of original warranty.

 Albuquerque Foreign Auto Parts Inc, at its discretion, may utilize an independent contractor to review any warranty claims, inspect the part/product and/or provide technical support. This is done to ensure everyone involved is treated fairly. The independent contractor may contact you or your mechanic and ask for documentation, repair history, and maintenance records.

Warranty Null and Void if:

.Product is installed in a vehicle that is used for commercial or fleet purpose.

  • Product is installed in a vehicle that is used in competition, raced (whether on-road or off-road, sanctioned or not), or used for off road purposes.
  • Product is installed in a vehicle that has been modified from its original factory configuration (including, but not limited to, modifications of the wheels/tires, body engine, transmission or other drivetrain components, computer(s), computer programming, wiring, air intake system, fuel delivery system, cooling system or other powertrain control system component).
  • Failure of the product is caused by non-covered components, failure to clear computer codes, defective workmanship, or installation error.
  • Product is installed in a vehicle with a GVWR greater than 8,000 lbs.
  • Product is installed in vehicles or used in an application for which the manufacturer did not intend or if the product is installed in a vehicle other than a car, van, pick-up, or SUV.
  • The installed heat tab on the product is missing, removed, shows evidence of overheating, alteration or signs of tampering.
  • The identification marks are missing or have been removed (including, but not limited to, stamps, paint marker writing, and personalized heat tabs).
  • The auto recycler “Required Installation Procedures” are not complied with upon installation.
  • The product has been repaired, altered, or disassembled or removed from vehicle without prior authorization from Albuquerque Foreign Auto Parts Inc.
  • The product has been installed in more than one vehicle.
  • The product is installed or operated outside the United States.
  • There is evidence that the product was continually operated after a failure occurs.
  • The warranty does not cover damage or failure of a product arising directly from improper installation (not in accordance with the original equipment manufacturers guideline and specifications (including) or related vehicle problems, misuse, maintenance (or lack thereof), neglect, abuse, lack of lubrication, overheating, vandalism, abnormal operation, environmental conditions (including, but not limited to, lighting, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, freezing, flood, or any other Act of Nature), accident or any damage which was apparent or not at the time of delivery.